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This Sunday, Eat Screen Free

There's no social network more important or engaging than your family. And there's no better place to disconnect from devices and reconnect with each other than at the dinner table. That's why we're encouraging families to pledge to share at least one technology-free meal each week. Let's help family mealtime go viral.

Eating meals together will help us remain close and united as a family. To ensure that we maintain this tradition, I pledge that during one meal, once a week, I will disconnect by turning off the television and putting away all tablets, cell phones and games to reconnect with our family

Enter the names of everyone who is taking the pledge.

Chef Jon Ashton's Meal Prep Tips

About Jon

Jon Ashton is a chef and father who is passionate about getting families back around the table to make mealtimes matter. He is a Contributing Editor to dash and Parade magazine. He has appeared on countless TV programs including The Today Show, The Tonight Show, and The Daily Buzz. He is happiest when he is in the kitchen cooking and creating meals with his daughter, Victoria Mei.

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